UI Engineer – Triplogic (Jakarta)


UI Engineer


  • Possess strong problem solving.
  • Familiar with front-end engineering and technology.
  • Minimum 2 years of total working experience, but fresh graduate is welcome to apply.
  • Experience in working in engineering team with proven track record in delivering a scalable and quality product is an advantage.
  • Passion in building wonderful web application.
  • Good understanding of software engineering concepts, algorithms, and design patterns.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others.


Salary and Benefit




How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan


What’s it like working at Triplogic ?

Triplogic is a company that enables its clients to send packages between cities. Travelers earn money from sharing their unused baggage space with other users who need to send packages to particular destinations. We love to define our self as an Avengers squad. We try to solve the problem differently not as many others do. Thanos is not our ultimate enemy to beat, meaning that there is always higher challenge time by time. One thing for sure is that we like an emphatic team member rather than just a target oriented member. Does that sound fun enough? :)