Tester application At Fosquare.com


Tester application At Fosquare


PRIA / WANITA Umur Max 30 Berpengalaman kerja min. 1 tahun. Memiliki Logika yang baik. Teliti dalam hal pekerjaan Memahami Keamanan sistem Mampu Berkerja Dengan TIM Berkepribadian baik Memiliki komunikasi yang baik


Testing aplikasi Membuat dokumentasi Reporting

Salary and Benefit

Gaji Nego Bekerja dijogja Ruang ber AC



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan


OTRET DOT COM is a bridge to build the trustworthy and inovative IT solutions between our customers and their goals with high quality software and services. Business and technology are tightly interrelated worlds that undergo noticable progress. What makes this bond so tight and strong? The answer is simple. People and their needs are the main link between these two worlds. Business nowadays runs in a highly competitive environment. Otret's primary goal is to provide IT solutions for every person or company both on the local and global level. We put our best effort to bring our client's expextation into reality in this dynamically changing world.