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[SEO] Search Engine Optimization


✔ Requirement:

  • Dapat Menganalisis/Riset Keyword dengan baik
  • Dapat menganalisis dan mengimplementasikan On-page & Off-page SEO
  • Memahami Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, dan tool penunjang SEO yang lain
  • Mampu membangun backlink secara natural
  • Dapat menganalisis Strategi SEO kompetitor
  • Mampu bekerja dengan baik secara individual maupun team


✔ Job Description:

  • Maintenance & Optimize Keyword
  • Up to Date dengan teknik SEO Algoritma Google dan search engine lainnya dan mampu mengimplementasikannya
  • Monitor,Report, & analisis semua aktivitas SEO

Salary and Benefit

✔ Benefit:

  • Gaji Start From 1 - 2x UMR Kab.Sleman, Yogyakarta (Sesuai Skill & Pengalaman)
  • Olahraga Gratis
  • Pelatihan Berkala
  • Lingkungan Tempat Kerja Nyaman
  • Vacation



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan

PT. Tonjoo Gagas Teknologi

We the people @ Tonjoo

Tonjoo is a dedicated WordPress development agency with over 10 years of experience developing WordPress websites, plug-ins & themes for a global client base. Tonjoo’s WordPress plug-ins has been downloaded over 100,000+ times. Tonjoo’s client base includes Indonesian government agencies, SME businesses & an extended list of global businesses. At Tonjoo we are a team of passionate WordPress developers, project managers and strategists based in Jakarta & Jogja (Indonesia).

Tonjoo  love WordPress

We’re sure there are plenty of situations where WordPress isn’t the right choice for a website. But we haven’t found many. A decade ago, WordPress was just another blogging platform. Over time, it has become a powerful and flexible content management solution, supported by an active community and a flourishing ecosystem. But it hasn’t lost the simplicity and ease of use which attracted so many bloggers, ourselves included, in the first place. Bloggers just want to log in, write an article, and hit ‘Publish’. They want to make their website their own, but they don’t have an IT department on hand to help. Funnily enough, in our experience, the same tends to apply to most journalists, rock stars, marketing executives, press officers and politicians. So why not start with a platform designed for non-expert individuals? Under the hood too, WordPress has stayed true to its roots. It expects, in fact it encourages you to alter the way it works; and add your own custom functions into its processes. It’s these hooks and filters which let us work our magic, turning it into a corporate website, a news magazine, a discussion forum, a social network, or whatever you need. And yet it’s still free to download and deploy; and you’re free to export your data in an easily reusable format, if you decide you’d rather use something else.