Senior 3D Unity Programmer


Senior 3D Unity Programmer


Key Qualifications 3 years ++ experience of Unity 3D and C# development Proficiency in tidy object-oriented programming principle (OOP) Excellence in Mathematics and analytical skills Excellence in debugging and troubleshooting skills It's alright if you're not a good communicator as long as long as you can work together with the team :) Effective problem-solving skills and great attention to details Education degree is not required, as long as you can prove your skills


Job Descriptions
You will develop mobile application in Unity 3D (in C#) and deploy it to iOS and Android platforms. You will work in a team and responsible to deliver high-performance mobile applications. You will work closely with UI/UX designer for data analysis, wireframe, prototyping/mockup design, usability testing, interaction design, and information architecture. You will work closely with backend programmer for data transfer handling to the server.

Salary and Benefit




How To Apply

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