Front-End Warrior at Socio Pte Ltd


Front-End Warrior


  • 3+tahun pengalaman dalam CSS dan Javascript
  • Memiliki latar belakang bekerja dengan SASS / LESS
  • 3+ tahun pengalaman dengan browser APIs
  • Memahami best practices dalam optimalisasi performa front end
  • Memahami PHP merupakan nilai tambah


  • Mendesain sistem front end yang efisien untuk aplikasi web yang kompleks
  • Mengimplementasi fitur dan user interfaces pada produk Socio
  • Mengoptimalisasi performa front end dari aplikasi dengan berkontribusi dalam pengembangan customized framework

Salary and Benefit

Competitive dan negotiable. Kami di Socio mencari entrepreneurial engineer yang menginginkan untuk berada pada lingkungan startup. Selain kompetensi teknis, kandidat juga akan diberikan keleluasaan untuk menganalisa dan mengambil keputusan pengembangan produk yang berkaitan langsung dengan bisnis. Besarnya kompensasi tidak dipertimbangkan dari rata-rata umum atau tingkat jabatan, namun berdasarkan asesmen terhadap kompetensi dan potensi yang dimiliki.



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan

Socio Pte Ltd

Today, we see that the world is so much more sophisticated than ever where technologies replace many traditional tasks in our daily activities, including education system. However, we always believe that human interaction is the key of learning where it is indispensable and never goes obsolete in the coming age. Therefore, based on this core belief, Socio exists to keep interaction among students and teachers strong.

Most educational institutions are keen to embrace e-learning, as a courseware. Nevertheless, issues like lack of e-content, unintuitive user interface, features relevancy, inadequate infrastructure coupled with the problem of digital divide, has resulted in a degraded user experience and relatively low adoption rate.

This is where Socio takes part.

Socio is an integrated social learning platform designed to help students connect to their campus, faculty and classes in the most interactive ways. We want to see class as a place of exchange of information, ideas, and lives! We are not making campus to be virtual, but to be social.

While others may propose their system’s sophistication, Socio puts huge value in being relevant and contextual in our today’s education system. You will surely agree with us that being complex without meeting students & teachers’ needs will only diminish its purpose. Together hand-in-hand, we can create new dimension of better learning.

In Socio, we have strong belief that teachers are no longer mere instructors in class, but to be inspiring facilitators: to motivate students to be resourceful, to encourage them to collaborate among themselves, and to empower them to be active learners.