Entrepreneur In Residence Internship


Entrepreneur In Residence Internship


“Adopting structure from one of the world’s famous incubator “Founder Institute” from Sillicon Valley. We decided to impart these knowledge to a selected few to join us.” Who are we? Both Co Founder graduated from Founder Institute and are avid mentors within the Startup Scene. They are adopting similar course structure to educate talents to solve real life problems within the hospitality and travel industry. Requirements:

  • High fluid intelligence – able to learn new things fast
  • Open mindedness – able to take critics and feedbacks
  • No Egos
  • Able to work in team
  • Applicants are welcome to apply as a team or as individual


Job Scope:

  • You will be working in a team that consist of Business, Design, Marketing and Developer to solve real industry problems presented.
  • You are expected to learn, research, test all solutions that you and your team has decided to prove it works at the end of the internship.
  • You will be working with tools such as Trello boards, Mockup tools etc. There will be lot of research, interview, prototyping, testing and MVP development involved.

Salary and Benefit

What can you achieve?

  • If you have aspirations of joining a technology startup, starting your own startup. You will learn all the essential skills of first hand.
  • This position allow one to grow and understand deeper on basic techniques entrepreneur need to know to excel in any startups.
  • Lessons and skill that are not taught in school. Practical applications of Business Canvas Model, Lean Startup Way, Scrum and many more.



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan

Caption Hospitality

Caption Hospitality is hospitality company aim to help hotel stakeholders re-think, re-position and re-invent their property to meet the ever demanding needs of travelers and guest. We are looking for Passionate people who dare to innovate and be different. People who enjoy learning and developing their own skill set and knowledge. Love to Innovate? Do not have opportunity in your freelance job or company now? Join our team today!