• Proficiency in UNIX/Linux based server
  • Proficiency in shell script
  • Good understanding of some programming language like: Python, Ruby (Rails), and javascript (Node)
  • Good understanding of database like: MySQL, Postgresql and Redis
  • Experience in AWS is a very good addition
  • Experience in Docker is a very good addition
  • Experience with automation tools like puppet or chef is a very good addition
  • Experience with CI tools like Jenkins, Travis or Codeship is a very good addition


Bekerja dengan tim untuk mengembangkan aplikasi mobile qiscus dan project-project qiscus lainnya.

Salary and Benefit

  • Gaji yang kompetitif.
  • Jam kerja yang fleksibel.
  • Bekerja dengan rekan kerja yang fun, pintar dan berpengalaman.
  • Peluang selebar-lebarnya untuk mengembangkan diri.
  • Pengalaman bekerja di sebuah startup international dengan tim dari Singapura, Malaysia dan Indonesia.



How To Apply

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Info Perusahaan


Our goal at Qiscus is to build the best real-time communication engine that enables conversations in any apps. We write high-quality codes and maintainable systems in various different programming languages. We learn to adjust to the dynamic of customers’ demand, keeping the balance between developers’ welfare and customers’ satisfaction.    Here, everyone works closely with each other, be it Business Persons, Product Managers, Designers, or Developers. We work as a team to define new features and build the next generation of products. Composed of talented and thoughtful people who will work together, we build an enduring and highly-adaptive company. Therefore, we need passionate and eager-to-learn people to be in our team.   Are you the one that we are looking for?